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| Last Updated::03/12/2014

Major Activity



Participation in awareness campaign in the students

Organized four workshop on Herbarium Technique and Methodology

Organized one workshop on Botanical Nomenclature.

Data incorporated/updated for the nine Databases

 Publication of ENVIS Newsletters

Publication of Bibliography and Abstract of papers on Flora

Publication of  Books 



  • Inclusion new photographs in Photo Gallery  theme wise.

  • Inclusion of News clippings in the News Section.

  • Addition of records in Glossary, Bibliography and Experts database.

  • Periodic update in Databases, Publication, Kids Centre, linkages and development of new pages.


  • Briefing about ENVIS Centre activities and responsibilities to the visiting students, researchers and Professors from different schools, colleges, universities and institutes from all over the country.

  • Regularly respond to National as well as International queries.

  • Attending visiting scientists from abroad by providing them with Newsletters, Abstracts, etc.


Library consultation tours to different regional Centres of BSI, Universities and Institutes etc. to be undertaken for collecting information on Threatened and Endemic Plants; plants used by tribals for various purposes and collect references for preparing Bibliography and Abstracts of Papers.

Collate and dissemination of data:

  • The Centre collects and disseminates field-based data on sustainable use of Plant diversity for socioeconomic development.

  • Disseminates data on floristic diversity of North-East India (Arunachal Pradesh), Wetlands of India, Godavari Krishna Delta, Tiger Reserves of India, Plant Resources & Ecological investigation of Chilka Lake in Orissa, Kawar lake in Bihar (Data available on request). Centre also collected data on plants of ethnobotanical importance of Sundarbans, Gorumara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserves, Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary and Purulia district of West Bengal.

  • Data collection and dissemination on Threatened plant species - Regular data from the field, published literature and also from data available in Website.

  • The Centre collects and disseminate data on Floral diversity of Indian Mangroves and Coastal Ecosystems of India (Data available on request).

  • The Centre collects and disseminate data on the plants listed in the CITES. (Data available in the Website).

Photographs for Ministry’s Annual Report: photographs from collected from different field trips had been delivered to Ministry for incorporating in the ministry’s Annual Report.