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| Last Updated::20/01/2023

Major Activity


Visit to Kendriya Vidyalaya


Report on visit to Kendriya Vidyalaya Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700019


A team of experts led by Dr. K. Karthigeyan, Scientist-E, CNH, BSI and in-charge of BSI ENVIS Resource Partner along with Dr. Soumen Gantait, Programme Officer BSI ENVIS RP, Dr. Shyam Biswa, Botanical Assistant, Mr. Zeeshan Mazhar, Botanical Assistant and Mr. Aloke Mukherjee, Fieldman (Retd.) were invited to Kendriya Vidyalaya Ballygunge, Kolkata on 17th February 2022 under an outreach program JIGYASA 2021-2022 organized by the school. The program focused on the identification of trees and medicinal plants in the K.V. Ballygunge school campus, providing technical support on establishing Herbal Garden, providing technical expertise on vermi-composting and to create environmental awareness among students. Students from different age groups participated in the event. Dr. K. Karthigeyan, Scientist-E and Dr. Shyam Biswa, Botanical Assistant, CNH, BSI explained the basic principles of plant identification and importance of plant taxonomy to the students. It was an interactive session held in the biology lab of the school in which students actively participated, clarifying their doubts related to plant identification. Basics of establishing vermi-composting pit and techniques involved in the process of vermi-composting were thoroughly explained by Mr. Zeeshan Mazhar, Botanical Assistant during the interactive session. All the trees inside the school premises were identified and noted by the team for preparing the name boards. Suggestions were given on establishing an Herbal garden by planting some plants of medicinal importance. Sri Pawan Kumar, Vice Principal and Mrs. Sumita Banik thanked the BSI team for their support. Some of the recent publications of BSI ENVIS RP were gifted to the Vice Principal of the school for their school library.
Dr. K. Karthigeyan and Dr. Shyam Biswa during the interactive session with students
Sri Pawan Kumar, Vice Principal, K.V. Ballygunge addressing
Mr. Zeeshan Mazhar delivering some basic principles of vermi-composting
Dr. K. Karthigeyan briefing the students on vermi-composting
Dr. K. Karthigeyan presenting BSI ENVIS publications to Sri Pawan Kumar, Vice Principal, K.V. Ballygunge
The trees identified from the school campus and medicinal plants in the school premises were later enumerated with currently accepted scientific name, local name, family name and its uses for making name boards by the school. A second visit to the school was made on 30th May 2022 by the team for labelling of identified plants and plantation of medicinal plants in the herbal garden of school. A total of eighteen medicinal plants were also gifted to the school by the team. The program began with plantation of medicinal plants in the herbal garden in which students, teachers and staff of the school actively participated. Dr. Suman Latha, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya Ballygunge, graced the occasion. Dr. K. Karthigeyan explained the students of different age groups about the importance of medicinal plants. Permanent name boards of plants prepared by school in steel sheets were permanently fixed on the trees and the medicinal plants. Dr. Suman Lata thanked and appreciated the BSI team for helping the school in plant identification and providing scientific information and medicinal plant saplings for the establishment of herbal garden in the school premises. Dr. K. Karthigeyan presented recent publications of BSI ENVIS RP to the principal for display in the school library.
Dr. Suman Lata, Principal planting medicinal plant along with students and staff
Dr. K. Karthigeyan, Scientist-E, addressing the students
Fixing of steel name plates on identified trees in school premises
Students holding steel labels of medicinal plants
Fixing of name plate by Dr. Suman Lata
Dr. K. Karthigeyan, Scientist-E, presenting BSI ENVIS RP publication to Dr. Suman Lata, Principal, K..V. Ballygunge