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| Last Updated::26/09/2016

Major Activity


Visit of Senior Economic Advisor, MOEF&CC,




Dr. Anandi Subramanian, Senior Economic Advisor, MOEF&CC, Sri Hari Singh, Deputy Secretary, IFD, MOEF&CC, Sri Shoyabahmed Kalal, Deputy Director, PC Division, MOEF&CC and Sri Kumar Rajnish, National Programme Coordinator, ENVIS CELL, MOEF&CC,   

To ENVIS Centre on Floral Diversity,

Botanical Survey of India,

Central National Herbarium, Howrah


Dr. A. Subramanian, Senior Economic Advisor along with 3 other MoEF & CC officials visited ENVIS Centre on Floral Diversity, Botanical Survey of India (BSI) at Central National Herbarium (CNH), Howrah on 16th September 2016 after visiting AJCB Indian Botanical Garden, Howrah. Dr. V. Sampath Kumar, Project Co-ordinator, ENVIS Centre, BSI welcomed Senior Economic Advisor and her team members at ENVIS centre with flower bouquet. During the visit to ENVIS centre Senior Economic Advisor and her team keenly viewed the publications and flex banners made by the centre. The publications include Books, Bibliography & Abstracts and Newsletters published by the ENVIS centre on floral diversity, whilst the flex banners are on the topics – “Algae of India”, “Mushrooms of India”, “Interesting plants” and “State tree and flower (including National tree and flower)”. The Project Co-ordinator explained the activities of this ENVIS centre. The Director, BSI appraised how this ENVIS centre helps in the activities of Botanical Survey of India. Sri Kumar Rajnish, NPC, ENVIS Cell, MOEF&CC also discussed about how to improve the ENVIS activities in near future with ENVIS Project staff. Sri Rajnish also acknowledged for carrying out the suggestions made by him during his previous visit in 2014. After visiting ENVIS Centre, the entire team joins at CNH Committee room for a meeting with BSI Officials.