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| Last Updated: 16/09/2021

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International Day for Biological Diversity, 2020





As in previous years the Central National Herbarium, Botanical Survey of India, Howrah is celebrating the 'International Day for Biological Diversity, 2020' on 22nd May in association with BSI-ENVIS Resource Partner. The aim is to create awareness among the student community about the importance of Biological Diversity, its sustainable utilization etc. Every year we invite the students from different Universities and colleges to CNH for taking part in this celebration. But in view of the COVID 19 pandemic this year, online competitions are arranged for the students to exhibit their skills in making scientific drawings and poetry. On behalf of all the Officers, Staff members and Research Scholars, it is my great pleasure to welcome you for participating and to make this year's event a grand success. 


With best wishes

Dr. V.P. Prasad 

Head of Office

Central National Herbarium